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Sajas Farmer Producer Company Ltd.

In Chandwad, Nashik, Maharashtra, where droughts are common, Sajas Farmer Producer Company is a symbol of resilience. Over 270 farmers grow onions here, despite challenges. We focus on sustainability and helping our community in this tough but fertile area.

The inspiration for our endeavors stemmed from our role model, Mr. Vilas Shinde, who spearheaded and successfully operated one of the largest Garpes value chain farmer producer companies named Sahyadri Farmer Producer Company Ltd.

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Fried Onion Birista

Fresh fried onion birista: quality and versatility for culinary excellence.

Nashik Onion

Nashik onions: prized for sweetness and ideal for wholesale.

Nashik Fresh

Nashik's finest fresh produce: quality fruits and vegetables for wholesale

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Nashik onions: my export success secret. Consistent quality, unbeatable value!
Asghar Pathan

Elevate Every Dish: Try Fried Onion Birista in Salads and More!

Fried onion birista: Chef's essential for flavor and crunch!
Ashish Sharma


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