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Sajas Farmer Producer Company Ltd. is a pioneering agricultural company based in Chandwad, Nashik, Maharashtra, dedicated to revolutionizing the onion industry by creating a sustainable value chain for cultivation and processing while uplifting the livelihoods of over 270 farmers.

Sajas Farmer Producer Company helps onion producer farmers by providing comprehensive support and resources to enhance their cultivation practices. This includes access to quality seeds, modern farming techniques, and guidance on sustainable agricultural methods. Additionally, the company offers assistance in marketing their produce effectively, ensuring fair returns for their hard work. Through these initiatives, Sajas empowers onion producers to improve their yields, increase their income, and build a more sustainable livelihood.


Under the farmer producer company, the onion value chain starts with providing farmers quality seeds and training. After harvesting, onions are processed into products like fried onion barista and flakes, adding value. These products are then marketed effectively, ensuring fair prices for farmers and delivering high-quality onion products to the market.

A farmer producer company is a type of organization formed by farmers to collectively engage in agricultural activities such as production, harvesting, processing, marketing, and selling of agricultural products. These companies are owned and controlled by the farmers themselves, with the primary goal of enhancing their income and livelihoods by improving efficiency, accessing better resources, and gaining bargaining power in the market. Farmer producer companies often operate as cooperatives, pooling resources and expertise to benefit all members involved in the agricultural value chain.

Choosing Sajas Farmer Producer Company Ltd. products ensures you are supporting sustainable agricultural practices while receiving high-quality onion products. Our commitment to empowering farmers, maintaining stringent quality control measures, and fostering community engagement sets us apart. With our range of value-added products like fried onion barista, red onion flakes, and white onion flakes, you can trust that you’re getting premium ingredients that meet international standards. By choosing Sajas, you contribute to the upliftment of rural livelihoods and promote environmental sustainability in the agricultural sector.

The company’s agenda regarding farmers and customers is twofold: Firstly, to prioritize the welfare and empowerment of farmers by providing them with comprehensive support, resources, and fair returns for their produce. This includes access to quality seeds, modern farming techniques, and assistance in marketing their products effectively. Secondly, to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality onion products that meet their needs and expectations. This involves maintaining stringent quality control measures throughout the production process and offering a diverse range of value-added onion products such as fried onion barista, red onion flakes, and white onion flakes. Ultimately, the company aims to foster mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and customers, built on trust, quality, and sustainability.

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